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Anina gjorde det fantastisk

En fantastisk måde at se København uden for den slagne vej. Vi har set en del af København hvor arbejderne boede i begyndelsen af 1900 "erne. Anina gjorde et fantastisk stykke arbejde for at vise os hvor arbejderne boede, og spillede. Kun bemærke er, jeg vil foreslå, er at klæde varm.

Anina was informative and humorous

I went on the walking tour of old Sydhavn (South Harbour) with Anina. It was really interesting to hear about the historical development of this area, which has gone through considerable regeneration in the last 20 years. I enjoyed going behind the facades of the apartment building to see the community gardens. It gave another aspect to the city and an understanding I would never have got from walking around solo. Anina was informative and humorous, and it was not at all a difficult walk. At the end some stayed to have a coffee, and it did seem like a really friendly group of locals, expats, students and tourists, but I had to leave. I would definitely recommend these tours if you want to see something other than the well trodden tourist path. Thanks a million!

Definitely recommended!

My family came to visit me in Copenhagen and we joined one of the Pop-up Tours. Since they had come may times before and already knew the city joining a tour with more in depth info and a local point of view of the area was very interesting and enjoyable for them. The base idea of a pop up tour is also very nice. You can decide last minute if you want or not want to join, and you might end up meeting more people or winning a private tour, and both possibilities have their appeal :) Since we were a small group Kristian tailored the tour to our needs and curiosities and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely recommended!

Kristian is a natural born presenter

Being to one of Kristian's awesome pop-up tours, I approached him with a personal request - to arrange a special birthday tour for a group of 25 people. He organised everything, including finding a great place for dinner and was responsible for all the arrangements. The tour was tailor made to the birthday boy who loves biking and exploring secret hidden places. Our group met on bikes and we discovered part of city we all thought we knew, but Kristian showed us what we failed to see - there is so much more in a city then what your eyes would normally rest upon.
Kristian is a natural born presenter, plus he looks like a true Viking so the experience of Scandinavia gets more authentic. He helped us learn new things in a fun way, in a way that we will remember it. This applies to any kind of tour he does, no matter if it is tailor made, he has a gift to make them unique and engaging.
Thanks, Kristian, hope to join another of your pop up tours!
Pavla B